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My Hawaii Ghost Story

"I had gone to Hawaii to study Chinese herbology and Asian medicine on the island of Oahu. I rented an 'ohana' which is basically an apartment with a large house. I was fortunate to find such a great locate with an incredible view of Honolulu. I had a strange feeling about the apartment, a sense of warmth. Something about the place made me feel at home and safe."

"Pretty soon I was very busy in my herbal studies. Often I would have sample herbs in bowls on the coffee table while I studied the written materials, make notes and sketch the various herbs to help me with identifying them. One night, one of my bowls started moving around the coffee table on it's own. Being psychic (and having experienced many 'paranormal' things since childhood) this mysterious moving bowl did not spook me so much as make me curious. Obviously, there was some sort of haunting going on with this apartment I rented. I made a mental note I'd have to look into that. Then, the music I'd been listening to stopped in mid-song, as if someone had turned it off. I looked up and walking out of the wall was a tall, strong native Hawaiian. O.K., NOW I am a bit shocked. He looked like someone who'd lived centuries ago on this island. He was dress in what I would later learn was the traditional Hawaiian garb of royalty. I stumbled to my feet, knocking over my drink, spilling it all over my homework. But, before I could full get to my feet, POOF, he was gone. Vanished. Disappeared. Wow, cool, I thought, we have a real haunting going on here."

"Not knowing what to think about my Hawaiian's ghostly visit. I decided I needed more information. I spoke with a local Hawaiian native named Fish. He was a surfer who also lived in one of the other apartments within the house and we had gotten to be friends. Fish said that the house had been built on land the Hawaiians considered sacred. At one time there had been a small temple or shrine that had been nearby."

"My studies in herbology continued and as the months passed and my Hawaiian ghost continued to visit. I began calling him Ali'e Keavu. He would walk in (and out) through walls, closed doors and windows. I sensed nothing threatening about him. In fact, he carried himself with such dignity and had an air of spiritual power about him. He also seemed to be a bit of a prankster. He would move things around - books, dishes - just about anything on a table top. When I had guests and we gathered in the living room, Ali'e Keavu seemed to enjoy freaking-out my guests by moving tea cups and books around on the coffee table. I would have to scold him to stop. Ali'e did have good manners and always ceased his pranks in front of guests when I asked."

"One night while I was studying late I feel asleep and as I drifted off I wondered how this particular ghost happened to be hear. In a dream I saw the tall, deeply tanned warrior go towards me. 'I am the one you call Ali’e. Because you asked, I will show you what you want to know'. Like a vision I watched as Ali'e made a pilgrimage to the temple where this house now stood. As he knelled in prayer before the temple, out of nowhere he was attacked. A large bone knife was thrust between his ribs into his heart before he barely had time to react. His death was quick. It was a heinous act on holy ground. Since that time Ali'e has watched over this holy ground. When I woke up I realized how Ali'e protected this place. I was welcome to be there. But, he would continue to startle guests and visitors in order for them to know this was a protected place ... and because it amused him."

"My herbal studies concluded, it was time to leave. I would miss this Hawaiian location. I felt I owed Ali'e something for watching over me. That night as sleep approached I requested that Ali'e visit with me. As before, I dreamed Ali'e came striding toward me with power and dignity. I ask if he wanted my help to cross into the spirit world. Ali'e smiled then began to laugh. 'I am Ali’e and born of the Hawaiian's spiritual understanding that it is a natural thing to walk easily between your world and the spirit world. I am not stuck here or there. Thank-you for you concern and offer'.".

"In the morning, I packed and prepared to leave. As I left I bowed and thanked Ali'e for a safe and memorial time. When I looked up I could see him within a wall, nodding and saying farewell."

"Aloha, Ali'e. Until we meet again on the other side."

Our thanks to Dyna for her contribution to our Ghost Stories selection.

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