A Brothers Ghostly Visit From Clairvoyant Juliana

A Brother's Ghostly Visit

"Sometimes, when loved one's depart for the other side, they will try and let us know they are still around. Even harder for some spirits is letting go of their earthly belongings. This is something I know from first had experience. When my beloved brother passed on that didn't mean he was ready to let go of the things he loved ... "

"Sometimes in retrospect you can see all the signs and omens. This is how is was for me after my dear brother Ronnie passed on. There was the broken mirror; the way he seemed to suddenly slow down and become weaker; the last movie we watched together was 'Life After Death'; the dream with symbols of a death coming soon. In retrospect you see the signs and omens were there, you just did not see them."

"Ronnie and I we were best friends as a brother and sister should be. We hung out together and began exploring the paranormal together. We always talked about ghosts and agreed that if one of us died first they would find a way to let the other one know there was indeed a spirit world. Once, when Ronnie was 10 years old he saw an angel kneeling with hands together praying on the fence at the top of the hill behind our house. He swore it meant something, he just didn't know what. Shortly after our beautiful Aunt died young of leukemia at 34. "

"Ronnie was a wonderful artist who loved painting. He also enjoyed working with wood. One of Ronnie's quirks was that he hated people touching his things. He didn't like anyone handling his tools, paints, artwork, the projects he was working on or anything in his shop or studio. A few weeks before Ronnie died I visited him at his home. I found him in his shop doing some wood work. As soon as I saw what he was working on my heart stopped. It looked like a coffin. When I asked Ronnie WHY was he building a coffin he became very angry and said it was a cabinet. Then, he insisted I not touch it."

"It was somewhat of a tradition that weekly Ronnie, my other brother Garry and myself would get together at our mother's place where I would cook dinner for everyone. On the day of our get together I developed a headache unlike anything I'd every had before. I decided I'd better take some aspirin and lie down for awhile. When I awoke I realized it was late. I rushed to call my mom to tell her that I would be there shortly. Grimly, my mother told me that Ronnie had collapsed and had just been rushed to the hospital. Two days later, Ronnie was gone."

"It is a sorrowful, terrible thing to lose a brother. During Ronnie's funeral I kept hearing Ronnie call my name. I wasn't sure how to react, what I should do. As we left the funeral I was quite shaken. I happened to see Ronnie's best friend. He ask me how I was doing. Not well, I told him, and it made matters worse that I kept hearing Ronnie call my name. Ronnie's friend suddenly looked ashen and said the same thing happened to him. We walked in silence for what seemed a long time."

"There was to be a gathering at my house after the funeral. Garry and I went to Ronnie's house to bring back some of Ronnie's art work to be displayed. We wanted people to see some of the wonderful artwork Ronnie had created. As we entered Ronnie's house, there was that cabinet. Despite my initial ill feeling about that cabinet, I knew I had to take it back to my place. We hauled the artwork to my house and moved the cabinet to my bedroom."

"Quite a few people showed up at my house to talk and share memories about Ronnie. I needed to get away for a moment and went upstairs to my bedroom. I was looking at Ronnie's cabinet and realized it looked dusty and in need of some polish. No sooner did the spray polish form a wet circle on the wood when a loud knocking began inside the cabinet. I leap back. My heart about pounded out of my chest. The knocking soon turned to a load banging. For a moment I questioned if I was imagining things. I flung open the bedroom door and yelled down stairs, 'Can you hear that banging!'. Several people responded, yes they could hear it. What was going on upstairs. I turned toward the cabinet and shouted, 'I'm sorry Ronnie! I promise to be more careful with your things!'. At that, the knocking and banging stopped ... "

"After all these years, I still feel my brother Ronnie watches over me. And, I swear, he still is making sure that people respect the art he created."

Our thanks to Dolores for her contribution to our Ghost Stories selection.

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