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"People have many responses to ghostly encounters, paranormal events and apparitions. The vast majority of responses explain why good psychic ghost help is hard to find. Some people try and just pretend that ghost really isn't right in front of them. Some grab the nearest religious symbol and hold it out like a magic talisman. I have heard of those who ran to the kitchen and grabbed a big knife (like that is going to help)."

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Psychic Ghost Help With Psychic Medium Coffee
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Are you seeing ghosts or experiencing a haunting? I have had a great deal of experience with ghostly strangers and can offer both insight and helpful information. I can help you determine what kind of visitor you are dealing with, clarify what possible problems particular spirits might pose and assist bringing to a closer to disturbing experiences with spirits. If psychic ghost help is what you need, I certainly can provide it.

"Active hauntings commonly result in a parents grabbing the kids and dog and dashing out the door. The majority of people instinctively seek a place to hide. Perhaps stepping behind that bigger person standing next you or behind that piece of large furniture. Pulling the covers over one's head is a good hiding technique and often used. Having spent the majority of my life seeking and speaking to spirits is what makes me perfect for my profession as a spirit medium, one who can provide professional psychic ghost help to those who need it."

"Most of my life has been spent NOT trying to hide from ghosts, spirits and paranormal events. My passion is to interact with spirits and the unexplained. You could say I turned the tables and went looking for ghostly beings, seeking to haunt the haunted."

"I have lived in haunted houses and apartments. I have sought out and gone camping at haunted campgrounds and vacationed at numerous haunted sites. I have hiked many haunted trails and even owned a haunted motorcycle and a haunted car. That's what I do for fun when not working professionally as a psychic medium helping spirits communicate with the living, and helping the living understand the spirit world. If you are looking for someone experienced with ghosts, spirits, malevolent energy, hauntings and paranormal events, you have come to the right place."

"During a professional reading I will ask you some very specific questions, depending on what I see in the event you are describing. These are questions I have developed over the years to help determine exactly what you are dealing with and how to best resolve the situation. No two hauntings are the same, and yet, through the years, I have learned there are some common threads that can explain and unravel the seemingly unexplainable."

"I have encountered both positive beings and very scary beings; individual ghosts; and groups of spirit; beings that seemed like skinwalkers; spirits that seemed entirely nature based; friendly ancestors who just came to visit; and simple thought forms that can be a sort of residual energy left by intense emotional events like rage, war, jealously, passionate love or an unexpected death from an accident."

"What ever ghostly or seemingly paranormal encounter you encounter, remember that you are not alone. If you need psychic ghost or haunting help, all you have to call. You know me, I am the one running toward such unexplained events. I would love to help. Just give me a call."

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If you have questions, call toll free anytime. There is no charge to call and get questions answered about appointments, privacy, fees for services and related issues. It will always be up to you if and when you decide to have a personal consultation or reading.

When you call, you will be told you've connected with the 1800 psychics Psychic Selection phone line. Working through the phone line (managed by Psychic Source, who handles support, billing and technology) allows me to focus on my specialty of helping you with personal readings and paranormal help.

I really look forward to meeting you!

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