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True Ghostly Encounters From Psychic Coffee

"I love haunted places. Where most people consider ghosts the paranormal, I consider such supernatural things as normal. My perfect vacation is to visit haunted places and the perfect house as one with ghosts and spirits. I thought it would be good to share with you some of my own ghost stories ... one of which shows why not everything labeled 'ghostly' is a ghost."

I Am Ready To Answer All Your Questions About Ghosts And Spirits - For Spirit Readings Call Me "For some time I lived in a remote area of the U.S. Southwest. Naturally, I loved it because it was 'alive' with ghostly inhabitants such as conquistadors, disgruntled cavalrymen and other strange spirits. There were also the unique and interesting living inhabitants. It was not uncommon to run into Native Americans serving as spirit guides to tourists. You could pretty much guarantee the tourist was an ecology major, an artist, or a New Age writer. In the vastness of the Southwest, strangeness is what is normal. It was difficult not to find someone who did not have a story of ghostly visitors, dimensional gates, spirits ... or even time-travelers and UFO sightings. Still, when one encounters the truly paranormal, one is rarely prepared for it."

"It was 10 AM in the morning, the day already beginning to heat up. An acquaintance had agreed to provide me with a ride to a friend's house. The Southwest has it's deserts, but also it's mountainous areas, like where I lived. These are not rolling hills, but steep, jagged canyons hiding rivers and creeks. Sharp, colorful sandstone cliffs contrast against deep shadows and rugged pines."

"As we drove though this winding landscape, I saw one of my neighbors, Kenny, coming up the dirt road ahead of us. He drove a distinct, dented up old white van. Yet, there was something odd about his van. Something I could not put my finger on. I had a strange feeling but could not identify just what was causing it. There was something wrong with the whole picture. The dirt road was narrow as it cut through the mountains. The two cars were close enough now that I could wave at Kenny."

"Then, both the driver and I suddenly realized we were in trouble. Kenny was not slowing down. He was speeding down the center of the road and did not even seem to see us. My acquaintance who was driving, and who didn't know these canyon roads, panicked and started drive too close to the edge of cliff. I caught a peak of the river running 2000 feet below and knew that direction was sure death. No, No, hit him, I yelled. It's that or we go over a cliff and die. My acquaintance turned sharp and we held our lane on the road (and held our breath) as Kenny came straight for us. If we were lucky, we would just seriously sideswipe each other and maybe survive."

"We collided. Or did we? Kenny's van seem to be striking us but also seemed to be passing through us. We're hitting Kenny's van! But there was no sound? At the point of impact where our car and his van should be tearing each other apart instead seems to wobble and distort but no damage is done. As we slowed to a stop, I looked back and Kenny was still driving up the middle of the road through our cloud of dust. He did not slow down. And then it hits me. His van was not kicking up any dust at all. It is impossible to drive these remote roads without creating a stream of dust following. It strike me suddenly. That is what was wrong when I first saw Kenny coming down the road. His van was not kicking up a speck of dust. As if he were gliding over the country road, not driving on it. I turn to my acquaintance, Why isn't Kenny's van creating any dust? My acquaintance looks at me as if that were not the most important thing to notice. Why is there no damage to the car! my acquaintance says."

"We are both very shaken. We get out of the car and inspect the passenger's side where the collision should have occurred. Not a scratch. Nothing. When with 'collided' with Kenny, I felt the whole side of the van shake and for a second I saw his arm inside this van. I never heard us hit Kenny, I say. Yeah, your right, not a sound says my acquaintance. Still in shock, we do not know what else to do except continue on our journey to my friend's home. We didn't know what to think of it all so we continued to my friends house. We drive along in silence. Each trying to sort out what just happened."

"Seems like in no time, we arrive at my friend's house. I exit the car and immediately start jabbering that we nearly had a head on collision with Kenny ... or did, but nothing seems to wrong with the car. My friend stops me. Oh, Coffee! It could not have been Kenny. It had to be someone else. Didn't you hear what happened to him?. I shake my head 'No'. Coffee, well, at about 9:45 AM yesterday, he stopped by here on his way up the canyon and we talked for a few minutes. Then, he abruptly said to tell everyone good-bye for him and got into his van. He drove to the top of the canyon, pulled out onto the mesa and jumped to his death. Yesterday, Coffee. Yesterday. So sad. It could not have been Kenny's van." ...


"The word 'ghost' generally is used to explain any form of apparition they cannot explain. But not all beings we encounter in a 'ghostly' fashion is a spirit or departed soul. This I learned early in life."

"Even at a young age, I was every sensitive to different kinds of 'energy'. I could not explain these different forms of energy, but I knew there was and energy to everything. One morning, I felt a peculiar change in the energy behind me. I turned quickly and saw a very young a nice man from India appeared in our front yard beside the cedar tree. He seemed startled when he realized that I had observed his sudden appearance. Obviously, I was not supposed to have seen him appear out of thin air."

"At first he was concerned that he had scared me and was about to leave. I convinced him that I wasn't frightened at all and not to go. What I really wanted to know was how to do what he had just done. As a child, the idea of being able to appear and disappear was very appealing. The mysterious gentleman was now very amused by my attitude. In fact, we sat and talk for some time ... or what seemed a long time."

"He told me about his Guru in India, about the region of India where he lived in. He gave me a few simple spiritual practices I might want to try. He told me his name in western pronunciation and in eastern pronunciation and made sure I knew who he was. When you are older and do some research into our meeting you might be surprised to find out how old I am he told me. After talking a bit longer he left."

"Years later, I did some research and indeed found the history of the very Guru my mysterious visitor had mentioned. In fact, I also found my mysterious visitor's name recorded in the history of Northern India. He had lived 800 years before our meeting."

"Was he a ghost? A time-traveler? Had he ever really died? Whatever he was, he was a master at the spiritual realms. Will I ever get to see him again? I really hope so..."

"Ghostly and paranormal encounters can be disturbing. But, they can more often provide the stimulus to explore deeper into our spiritual beliefs and values. If you have had an encounter with a ghost, spirit, something of a paranormal nature that you cannot explain, I am more than happy to provide professional advice and assistance. Give me a call when you are ready to explore the issue. You will find the number below to contact me. I look forward to talking with you."

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