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A Halloween Ritual To Remember

"Helping with hauntings and ghostly encounters is something I do, and a great deal has been written about that here at I would like to change gears a bit. Of course, a haunting or poltergeist can cause problems. However, little has been said about how objects can carry powerful negative energy which can also cause just as much trouble. Such objects can cause all sorts of problems. Especially when such objects are brought into one's home or worn on one's person. One Halloween I was called upon to help 'cleanse' just such negatively charged objects ... some might say they were cursed ... "

"Back in the late 80s or early 90s when I was studying with my first teacher, Layla. She had a metaphysical shop in Los Angeles, California, with a view the famous Hollywood sign in the hills. Layla was a tough instructor. She would call me at around 3 AM with a first name and date of birth of a person. I had exactly 2 seconds to start providing accurate information about that person. If I didn't provide a reasonable reading on this person Layla would hang up on me, then not speak to me for a few days. "

"One day, Layla asked me to help her with a client. One attribute of clairsentience is the ability to 'read' objects, particularly the energy an object possesses. Seems Layla's client had been experiencing a terrible run of very bad 'luck'. The poor woman was miserable. The client swore this negative turn in her life was related to several 'gifts' given to her by a former lover (gifts given just before she ended the relationship). If I could identify which 'gifts' were possessed of negative energy, we would properly 'cleanse' these objects. We decided to have a ritual to cleanse any objects identified as 'cursed' on Halloween night."

"From a collection of personal items I identified 2 objects that seemed 'soaked' in negative energy. One was a wooden statue of a bird, a phoenix or thunderbird. The other was a necklace. I could barely handle either object. Both objects were set aside for the planned ritual which was to take place at midnight on Halloween. Layla's daughter, Tina, was also to help with the ritual."

"Halloween night we began preparations for the cleansing ritual. We laid out the black and white silk sheets. As Tina and I began to move the wooden bird statue. Suddenly, both of us felt a shot of fear and dropped the statue. Neither of us was in a rush to pick it back up. Tina decided to take a time out and look out the window. I thought about how this situation should not be effecting me the way it was. It was time to stop being a wimp and get that statue into place for the ritual. I stood the bird statue upright on the black silk. Right then, Tina said 'Look!'. As we gazed out the window we could see it was raining across the street but not on our side of the street. A single cloud hovered near a full moon illuminating the Hollywood sign. When I turn back to the statue, we discovered drops of water around the base of the statue. The statue was weeping."

"That was it for me. I put the necklace around the bird statute's neck and fully wrapped it in the silk. There was no way I was going to watch that thing weep through the ritual. Tina and I then went about finishing the preparation for the ritual. The more we prepared, the more ill both of us felt. That night, Layla preformed a ceremony to cleanse the objects and the client, drawing the negative energy into herself."

"The next day, both Tina and I woke up still feeling ill. However, in 24 hours, both of us returned to feeling great. Turns out, Layla driven to the desert and burned the objects. Then, spent the next 24 hours meditating to disperse the negative energy or curse or whatever it was. None of us experienced any problems after that and the client reported she was very happy with the results of our ritual and things were not working out well for her. It would also turned out that the clients former lover, the one who had given her the necklace and bird statue was a voodoo practitioner."

"On Halloween, when others are thinking about ghosts, spirits and so forth, I often reflect on how object also can seem possessed of positive and negative energies ... and I have a Halloween ritual story to prove it."

Our thanks to Zahara for providing this true ghost story.

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