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"For me, the word ghost is a very general term and can easily be misused. It is, perhaps, fine for the general public to call any kind of apparition a ghost. It is a lot like saying you saw a 'plant'. It raises the question about what kind of plant. Was it a flower? A tree? Grass? A bush or more like bamboo? For those of us who work in the psychic field, there are many names for many kinds of 'ghostly encounters': Guardian spirits, animal spirits, angels, departed souls, and many more. All major religions, world wide, from Christians to Native Americans to Hindus to Buddhism have records about non-physical beings. Each religion seems to have their own terminology and explanations for and about those realms outside the material world."

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If you feel there are spirits, perhaps ghosts, you've encountered (and are unsure how to feel and deal with such an encounter), then, I would love to help. I am a clairvoyant with years of experience. If you have questions about spirits, the spirit world, the afterlife and so forth, I would be more than happy to share what I've experienced.

"I am clairvoyant and clairaudient and work as a professional psychic. Since I was very young I knew I had a gift. Once I began working with Tarot, I really began to tap into my gifts. Generally, I use my talents to help clients find answers (and help those clients with how to best use those answers). I understand that for more most people a ghostly encounter or haunting can be a troubling experience. Even those who encounter angels, the most loving of beings, can come away feeling strangely shaken."

"However, for someone like me who works in the psychic field, spiritual encounters (sometimes called paranormal encounters) are an opportunity to expand my understanding of the spiritual, unseen world. I love working as a psychic and learning more about the metaphysical, spiritual universe. It is not uncommon for me in my spare time to study books on psychics and psychic phenomena. Providing help for others I feel is something I was born to do. I understand how for many it can be shocking can be the discovery is more than this material world of existence."

"I think it is important to keep a positive attitude. Whether you are looking for answers about ghosts and hauntings, or to reach someone on the other side. Whatever questions you have, I would love to help. I enjoy helping clients and callers with any questions from a love interest to learning more about the spiritual world beyond this world. I look forward to meeting you."

"Spirits, angels and spiritual experiences are part of the fabric of Life. It is no different than the fabric of history which contains numerous threads of spirit beings visiting this world; angels appearing to help in a time of need; and departed souls returning to communicate or consult with the living (something even recorded in the Bible)."

"In case you arrived here looking for advice dealing with ghosts or spirits, here are some free tips and suggestions. Seeing a ghost or apparition is a more common event than most know. If it happens to you, congratulations! It is nothing to be concerned about. You now have something spiritual to think and talk about for years to come. Harmful encounters with spirits is very rare. You are more likely to get hit by lighting than have a harmful encounter with a ghost."

"Hauntings can involve a ghost(s) or not. If a spirit(s) is involved and it is generally a departed soul. Sometimes a spirit will not depart this world, refuses to move on. Maybe this spirit wants to stay and watch over someone they cannot bear to leave. Or, a spirit can be anchored to a location given the events surrounding their death. If a ghost is determined to stay, it usually will. The presence of love and harmony generally puts all spirits at peace and drives negative spirits away."

"Sometimes a haunting many not involve any ghost or spirit at all: What people are feeling or sensing is not a haunting, but the residual energy from a powerful event that took place at that location (sometimes referred to as psi energy). In many cultures, past and present, this energy (if negative) is washed away by special rituals. If the energy is positive, the location may be enshrined and the positive energies reinforced by visitors and spiritual rituals. In a similar way, poltergeist may not be any sort of being, but rather the material manifestation of emotional energy seeking release (and the source of this energy is usually someone within the household or working environment)."

"Whatever reasons brought you here, I am glad you came to visit. If I can be of help, please call. May all your encounters with spirits be positive one. If you require any ghost psychic or spirit medium work, you know how to contact me."

Psychic Ghost Help If this is your first time calling, I am very pleased to extend this special offer: A discount for first time callers. You can get a personal consultation/reading for as little as 10 dollars.

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Spirit Help Ghost Psychic If you are one of my returning clients, you know I always love hearing from you. Remember to check on the preferred client special discount.

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If you have questions, call toll free anytime. There is no charge to call and get questions answered about appointments, privacy, fees for services and related issues. It will always be up to you if and when you decide to have a personal consultation or reading.

I work through the's Psychic Selection phone line, managed by Psychic Source, who handles support, billing and technology. This allows me to focus on my specialty, personal readings and paranormal help.

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