True Halloween Ghost Story From Psychic Juliana

True Halloween Ghost Story From Clairvoyant Juliana

"The 16th century Scots called it 'All-Hallows-Even'. The ancient Brits called it 'Calan Gaeaf'. The Roman Catholic co-oped the holiday and called it 'Hallowmas' or 'All Saints Day'. Two thousand years ago, the traditions of really began with the Celtic festival of 'Samhain', the Celtic New Year. As the summer light surrendered dominance to winter darkness, it was believed the boundary between this world and the spirit world momentarily disappeared. Spirits and departed souls could cross back into the world of the living. The ancient Celtics would honor their ancestors, invite them to visit. And, they also had to be prepared to defend against harmful or mischievous spirits. Today we call this event Halloween. Given what I know about Halloween now, I might not have accepted the invitation to visit a haunted home ... "

"Several years ago I was asked to participate in a popular, nationally broadcast Halloween radio show. The radio host, Steve, would provide a ghost tour of a location reported to be haunted. Guests would be invited to help prove or disprove any paranormal activity at the site. This Halloween, the radio show invited me to join them. This year the radio show would broadcast live from a reportedly haunted home in Glen Carbon, Illinois. Naturally, the broadcast would be at midnight.

I had quite an eerie feeling before leaving home for the broadcast. This unease was not usual for me. I'm usually quite calm and nothing bothers. I also had not heard much of anything about this home we were visiting. I went to my jewelry box and grabbed a Aquamarine cross and I put it on for protection. On the drive to the Glen Carbon I said my prayers. Still, the foreboding continued.

"As I arrived I could see the place was buzzing with activity and energy as the live radio show began. I parked close by so I could get my bearings and watch this Halloween extravenganza unfold. The air was still. There were two smells I can vividly recall to this day. One was of wet leaves and one was of a fire burning. The smoky smell came from a small chiminea (an portable, outdoor fireplace) sitting in the front yard surrounded by empty chairs. Everyone was too busy, now, to be sitting around the burning fire. In the distance I could hear a voice I knew well from the radio, giving directions and asking about the family that lived in the house. Then, it was as if 'something' woke up and became acutely aware of the attention being focused on the house in question. The fire flared in the chiminea. The lights in the house dimmed. And, like THAT, the whole atmosphere changed. Someone yell out, 'Did you see that?'. Several people responded with mumbled Yeah!'. 'What happened?!!' someone else shouted. No one knew. But, everyone could 'feel' that the situation had changed. It was then the hair on the back of my neck just raised and I knew that this was indeed a place where there were trapped souls, lost people that just didn't know how to find peace or heaven."
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"I stepped from my car, as if drawn. The sounds of people around me seemed muted. I realized I was not being drawn to the house but rather to the side of the house where there was a large, dark tree and the shimmer of a lake beyond that. Suddenly, the stillness gave way to a strong wind, whipping leaves violent around me, around my face. The cross I was wearing, was flipping back and fourth wildly. I felt a pressure against me. Was it pulling me? Pushing me? Which was it? I wasn't really sure. Before I knew it, I was close to the lake, perhaps 100 yards away, as I continued to forward. Then, I clearly heard my Spirit Guides warning that this is NOT a good place for me. I must leave and leave NOW! 'Go to the house, my Spirit Guides shouted, 'this is was not a safe place here!'.

The sensation of being pulled then pushed disoriented me. Still, I began to backup and finally turned and began moving back towards the house. The wind continued to swirl and harass me. As soon as I stood beside the porch near the front of the house, the wind stopped. I turned around and I looked back at the lake and that large tree. The goose bumps running up and down my body felt like they were being powered by an electrical current. My mind raced to understand what that pulling/pushing sensation was? Why the wind so strong just a few yards towards the lake, so strong it could flip the cross I wore. Then, as I turned to enter the front yard, I caught the glimpse of a shadowy figure stepping from behind the tree. 'Was he there the whole time?', I wondered. He was dressed in old, grubby clothes, as if he'd been digging in the ground somewhere. I yelled out to him, 'Hello? HELLO?'. No response. He just stood there. I felt instantly that THAT man was not there. THAT man was from another time. I quickly turned and headed for the front door of the house. The radio hosts were just outside the front door preparing to enter. I introduced myself, exchanged small talk and proceeded inside"

"The inside of the house was home like any other home. It had actually been newly renovated from a fire. There was nothing spooky about it. Certainly not a home that would seem to inspire a Halloween show. In fact, if I hadn't just been outside on the side of the house I would wonder what I was doing here. I sat on the couch and observed the radio people preparing for their show. The owners came in and sat with me on the couch and we exchanged names. They gave me a little back round on the house. This house was built on an old mining site. Since the day they moved in, there had been strange occurrences. The more we talked, the more fear I could see creeping into their eyes. They felt their recent fire inside their home was so strange in bordered on the supernatural. Without warning the entire cast of the radio show descended upon us and, like that, we were suddenly live on the radio and being introduced to the listeners. "

"We were all standing around in the living room as the radio host, Steve, welcomed his radio listeners to his special, Halloween radio broadcast. Steve turned to ask our hosts if it was O.K. to begin the tour. Perhaps we should all head down the hallway to the bedrooms. Before anyone could move there was a loud POP and a flash of light. Everyone froze. The husband of the couple who owned the home bolted away saying he had to check for fire. Everyone remained where they were as the homeowner checked every room. Having found no fire, he returned saying he could find no explanation for the load pop and flash of light. The tour was to resume, even though the owner was now clearly apprehensive about the whole situation. The radio audience was clearly being treated to a very interesting Halloween event. I began to wonder what I had gotten myself into."

"As we all began walking down the hallway, I could no longer be silent and asked if I could relayed a story of what had happened to me after I arrive. Perhaps our hosts could shed some historical light on the back of the property, especially around the lake. The radio host seemed pleased for me to share my story. When I was done, our haunted house hosts seemed surprise. They said the lake was one of the former entrances to the mine. There was an accident and the mine flooded trapping several of the miners inside. Their bodies had never been recovered. The house and the property had a history of paranormal events and had been investigated on previous occasions. Others had experienced the pushing/pulling sensations when near the lake. Some of the paranormal experts had speculated that the pulling and pushing were the miners spirits drawing people to the lake to rescue the miners from the flooded mine. Due to these high energy events around the lake, none of the owners of this property had ever felt comfortable going to the lake alone."

"This haunted house tour would continue to bring surprises. We were met by several spirits who had crossed over, although I am not sure all of the guests or the radio audience could appreciate how vivid these encounters were for me. As we entered the basement, a tool flew across the room, right in front of all of us, and forcefully striking a steel beam behind us. Turning on the lights, we could see there was no one in the basement. As we neared the completion of the Halloween haunted house tour, one of the invited guests asked us to pause for a moment. He was a religious man and he deeply felt this house needed a blessing. He asked us to all join hands and he began a prayer. A wall socket directly behind him began to pop and sparks appear. A voice from behind the wall could be heard mumbling gibberish. Either the religious gentleman did not see or hear what was going on behind him, or he choose to ignore it. He went right on praying. The rest of stood very still. When the prayer ended, the ghostly voice stopped and the sparks ceased. Everyone bolted towards the living room where the radio show was to conclude. I instinctively reached down to hold my cross and found it had been flipped backwards and it was HOT."

"The Halloween event concluded. Everyone said their good-byes and the crew departed. I stayed behind to talk with the home owners. We all sat in the garage talking. I gave them my personal information and told them I would come back and try to help. I could also put them in touch with others who would be willing to help. In the middle of the conversation we started hearing voices inside the house. We all knew there was no one in the house. I took this as my que to go home. It was close to 4 AM and I was exhausted. All I wanted was this night to be over. But, Halloween night was not quiet done with me, yet ... "

"It was a short drive from the house to a 2 lane, narrow highway. No sooner had I pulled out on the highway and I was behind a very old, large, black Cadillac. It was still so dark and they were driving with headlights. I sped up to try to warn them that they had no lights on. However, the faster I sped up, the faster this Cadillac went. The windows on this Cadillac appeared to be darkened. Even with my headlight high beams on I couldn't see into the other car. I just felt that driving without headlights was so unsafe and I felt an urgency to warn them. But, they continued to speed up. When I finally looked down at my speedometer and was chilled to see I had accelerated to 90 miles per hour. I began to slow down. There was a hill just ahead of us. I saw the Cadillac crest the hill and disappear on the other side. Within moments, I crested the hill and the Cadillac was gone. Had they driven into a ditch? How could they have turned off the road that quickly? Especially traveling at that speed. There were no off ramps. It was largely a country highway. I drove on a few minutes and then thought, no, I have to go back and make sure that Cadillac hadn't crashed on the side of the road. Retracing my route all the way back to the hill we both crossed over I could find no Cadillac, no turnouts, no side roads. That old, black Caddy had just vanished. I turned around, drove towards home, checking the sides of the road as I went. Nothing. Thinking it over, the make and model of that Cadillac would have been popular around the time of the mining disaster my hosts had told me about. "

"When I got home, I could not sleep. I couldn't sleep the next day, either. Next Halloween, I was going to stay home."

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