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Ghosts Of Small Towns From Psychic Mazie

"Along with my practice as a psychic I am also active with a group of paranormal researchers. When called upon we travel around the U.S., particularly in the South and Southeast. For example, our group was contacted by a genealogical research group to participate in a unique research project. The genealogical group was tracing the family tree of a number of individuals and part of that research involved locating the graves of various family members. The graves of departed relatives would be examined and photographs. Our paranormal group would meet the genealogical group at burial sites and document any paranormal activity as the genealogical group researched the grave site, gathered evidence and collected photographs."

"Often, our trips to graveyards ended up being somewhat of a treasure hunt as graves may not be well marked or grave locations were improperly mapped. As a clairvoyant and clairaudient I can see and hear spirits (should they wish to communicate with me). When we were unable to locate a grave it was not uncommon for the deceased ancestor of the particular family being researched to help guide me to their graves location. Sometimes I just got 'feelings' about where the sought after grave could be found. One research jokingly commented it was as if I were some sort of grave location dousing rod. The majority of graveyards and grave sites we visited were in small towns or old farms and homesteads long forgotten. I had one rule for my participation in this project: Work must conclude documentation at a grave site by sundown and we were back on the road by sundown."

"There is something that many people do not know about psychics and how psychics experience psychic phenomenon. Most people understand that there are places where paranormal activity is more common that other locations. In these paranormal 'hot spots' researchers may record unusual sounds, perhaps catch strange images on camera or whatnot. These paranormal 'hot spots' can be spooky and perhaps disturbing to most people. However, for clairvoyants, clairaudients and clairsentient psychics, these active paranormal locations can have a far more powerful effect. There can be numerous forms of paranormal activity from multiple spirits. There can be residual 'energy' left from powerful events from the past. And, as many psychics may tell you, not all spirits are friendly nor have the best intentions towards the living. Nor is the communication one receives from unhappy spirits something one wishes to hear or experience."

"Though my spirit guides would guide unwanted spirits away, my intuition tells me that there is only so much one's spirit guide can do and it is best not to test them nor my own limitation. It may seem like a myth, but the concept that spirits are most active at night is relatively true, especially in paranormal 'hot spots'. An experienced psychic knows he or she has to be well prepared to go to such locations. I also think that most us become more sensitive to our innate psychic abilities when things become quiet, still and our visual ability is reduced and relaxed ... that translates to get back to the car and be gone by twilight."

"Some of the most powerful paranormal locations I've discovered are in small towns. Towns that seem to have been bypassed by time and progress. For whatever reason, spirits seem to linger longer in such locations. These small towns and forgotten locations almost seem to accumulate spirits. As I mentioned, this project which combined our two teams, genealogical and paranormal, seemed to keep returning to these small towns and long, lost farms and homesteads. And, it was on one of these journeys that I had one of my most memorable spirit encounters."
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"We we passing through a small, shanty town on a forgotten highway. Fact is, it was a shanty town not far from my home town. The place felt old and worn down. Yet, I could feel the place teeming with ghostly activity. It was nothing I could see directly, nor hear, yet the town was alive beyond the few people we could see in front of ancient, rundown homes and businesses as the light of day faded from the sky. We were just suppose to pass though this town and not stop. As we reached the edge of town I could sense a powerful entity. Directly ahead of us was a rundown, humble church. I knew this 'presence', whatever it was, was there. I asked the group to stop so I could investigate. Rarely have I had such a strong sense of a spirit being nearby and yet making no effort to contact me (nor even seeking to connect with me in any way). I asked the team stay in the van while I investigated this intense feeling of a spirit's energy."

"Above the small church entrance was a spire that had been abused by the weather. The church itself was bordering on dilapidate with its white paint chipping away and covered in water stains. The foundation bricks were dark, aged and it's once straight edges broken and misshapened. Soon I noticed beside the church was what appeared to be an abandoned graveyard. I noted that some of the headstones were marked as old as circa 1832. Yes, I was getting a sense there were many spirits here and I should go. But, I was so curious about this powerful entity that I now could feel was inside the church. The front door to the church was locked so I began to move around the side of the building."

"It was peculiar. The windows were so clear, so clean in comparison to the condition of the church itself. I felt drawn to the back of the church. It was the same thing: Windows perfectly spotless. Another peculiar thing was that there was what seemed to be a brand new spire for the church sitting on the ground. Spotless, yet it seemed to have been there awhile. Then the air around me grew electric. The atmosphere changed and felt a bit frightening."

"I looked up and could see the face of a man in the back window of the church. This gentleman was elderly and his hair was shock white. He wore a county top hat, something one might see a church goer wear in the late 1800s. His presence was very potent and I felt myself going into a trace-like state. He said this was HIS sanctuary and began showing me images of parishioners entering the church dressed in the same type of late 1800s or early 1900s formal clothing. Then, this mood shifted very quickly and became threatening. Again he said, more forcefully, this was HIS sanctuary and HE protected it. This was obviously my que to go. I broke the trace-like state and quickly headed back to the van. It was deep in twilight, now."

"Jumping into the van I buckled up quickly ready to go. No one in the van moved. The woman next to me looked white as flour. 'What's wrong?', I asked. The woman pointed out towards the weeds and railroad tracks. 'We saw a spirit materialize right over there!', she said. I looked toward the railroad track and an image began to form: A young boy wearing what looked like a golf cap and wearing clothing that looked out of the 1920s. He seemed to lock on to me, knew I could see him. 'I died on these tracks' he said, part statement, part question. 'Did you see a young boy, golf cap wearing 20's period clothing?'?, I asked. 'YES!', the woman next to said. 'We need to go!' I told the group. 'This place is something we need to investigate another time when we are better prepared'. No argument. We took of quick as we could."

"There is no telling what spirits will attach themselves to after death. There are numerous theories as to why some spirits do not move on and remain as ghosts. Perhaps as long as the terrain, the building, remain unchanged these ghosts remain comfortable in that location. I do feel that small towns that seek to remain unchanged, or perhaps get bypassed by progress, seem to have more than their fair share of ghosts and hauntings."

"As to our research in association with the genealogical group, that is another story for another time."

Psychic Mazie is a third generation psychic. When he was about four years old his deceased family members began to visit at night. With the help of his ancestors and spirit guide, Mazie has spent a life time refining his gifts and mastering various forms of divination. When not providing professional psychic consultation he enjoys doing paranormal research. Our thanks to him for contributing to our Ghost Stories selection.

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