The Ghost Calls From Psychic Nancy

The Ghost Calls From Psychic Nancy

"That ghosts and spirits appear to have the ability to use, or redirect electrical and magnetic energy is has been documented for some time. Some of the prime tools in modern, scientific ghost hunting are devices to measure electrical and magnetic anomalies. Telephones use very small electrical currents, which is why stories involving ghosts and phones have been around nearly as long as the telephone itself ... "

"In 1998, My Father was in a nursing home. The sudden onset of pneumonia put his life in serious jeopardy. The doctor attending my father called our family and delivered the devastating news that he felt my father had only 24 hours to live. My Aunt, who lived near my father's nursing home, said she would rush there to be with my father while my sister and I would get there as soon as we could."

"It was mid-winter. The conditions were terrible for driving. At the time I lived in Maryland and my sister lived in Colorado. We both left the same time from our homes to drive to Illinois. Naturally, we were heartsick and deeply want to reach our father to say good-bye. He was such a good man who had watched over us and worried about us his whole life. We so wanted to make it there on time. If You Have Questions About Love Or Life Or The Afterlife - Give Me A Call My sister and I decided that we would let each other know if we heard anything from our family who was with my Father.

"Wind, rain, snow, feeling distressed. All the things one should avoid when driving. And, it was getting late. Checking the time I found it was around 11:35 PM. My phone rang and two voices went 'Hello'.
'Hello?' I repeated. My sister then said 'Hello?'.
'Have you heard anything about Dad?', I asked my sister.
'No', said my sister. 'You heard anything?'
'No', I said, 'but I am glad you called. It is late, driving is terrible and I'm getting tired'.
My sister then said, 'I didn't call you. You called me!'.
'No', I insisted, 'You called me'. We both thought it was strange occurrence and we said goodbye."

"Ten minutes later my phone rang again. It was my Aunt. My father had passed on at 11:35 PM. We grieved a moment together and said I see my Aunt soon as I got there. Driving was difficult enough, I absolutely shouldn't be talking on the phone. Within minutes, my phone rang again. And, again, two voices went 'Hello'. I knew it was my sister and said I'd heard about Dad, and thanks for calling.
'No, I didn't call you', said my sister.
'I didn't call you,' I again insisted.
My sister and I decided, given the circumstances, we needed to get of the roads and start fresh tomorrow."

"The next morning it came to me clear as crystal. My father wanted us off the road. He wanted to prevent one tragic from following another. And, he found a way to do that. None of the calls between my sister and I the night my father passed away appeared in our phone records."

Psychic Nancy, has been providing readings as spirit medium and Tarot reader for 25 years. She, and her spirit guides, are always willing to help with ghost and haunting issues. Below you will find contact information if you wish to contact her. Our thanks to Nancy for her contribution to our Ghost Stories selection.

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" All consultations and personal readings are one-on-one, private and confidential. Our ghost and spirit experts look forward to meeting you and answering all your questions. You are welcome to call anytime!" Still have questions? Call toll free anytime. There is no charge to call and get questions answered about appointments, privacy, fees for services and related issues. It will always be up to you if and when you decide to obtain a personal consultation or reading."

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Psychic Nancy Is A Skilled Spirit Medium And Tarot Reader
You can reach Nancy at:
Nancy's Personal Ext:  8068

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