The Near Death Story From Psychic Nancy

The Near Death Experience

"When I was a child of 5 I had a near death experience (NDE). I went through the process of floating above my body, while watching the doctors administer a spinal tap. I then floated out into the hospital hallway and tried speaking with people who did not hear or see me. They did not react. I started screaming in the hopes that I would get a response but none was given. Then, I found myself standing on a sidewalk outside of the hospital, and began calling to loudly to people. To my temporary relief, one woman turned around to see if something was there, as if she had heard me. "At last"! I thought to myself. But alas, she sort of shook her head and did a "No, it can't be". and continue to walk away. I was then sucked into a dark tunnel with a point of light ahead of me, while an angelic being held my hand. I then found myself standing in a small row boat on a river. Many years later, I learned that this was probably the legendary River Styx. I looked over the shore and saw thousands and thousands of people as far as my eyes could see, dressed in different cloths from different time periods. The further back they stood, the more distant past they were from. I knew immediately that these were dead ancestors. Those closest to the shore were those who had passed over, more recently."

"A few of these more recently passed people came over to talk to me, telling me that I was not supposed to be there and had to go back. I did not want to, because I felt at peace and it was as if "nothing mattered". I was no longer afraid and in physical pain. All communication or "talking" was done telephathically. We just thought something and it was picked up by the person you were communicating with, telepathically. Communication was all mental. I remember their faces quite well."

"Finally, after stamping my foot refusing to "go back" a loud booming voice declared that YOU MUST GO BACK (because I had not finished or done such and such, etc.). I had no choice but to go. I was pulled back in with a swoosh and in an instant I felt a big 'thud' and I was back in my body. Immediately I felt being sick again. The last thing I remember before being pulled back to this world were the ancestors waving goodbye to me and saying "see you in X amount of years". I do not remember the number of years they said. It is probably a good thing that I don't."

"When I was recuperating from my ordeal in the hospital, my grandmother gave me some old photo albums that I had never seen before, to keep me busy and entertained. She was the only one in the family to possess these photos. When I opened them up to take a look, I immediately recognized some of the people I saw on the other side, people who had died 5 to 45 years before I was born! I started to point them out to my grandmother and said, "I know who that is. That's my Uncle John, and this is my grandfather". She asked how I knew who they were and their names, and so I told her, "They visited me when I was in the hospital". Of course, she was taken aback. However, in my family, there is an understanding that there are spirits who can visit and an afterlife we travel to after this life. Still, my Grandmother told me that if I ever wanted to talk to her about it, it would be okay - BUT - that I must never talk to anyone else about it. Some people might send me to "another type of doctor". Naturally, my Grandmother was trying to protect me from those who are 'less enlightened' about the possiblity of an afterlife.

"Back when I had my near death experience there had been no scientific research into such events. There were only 2 widely held beliefs about life after death: One, the scientific view that there is no such thing. And, two, the traditional Chrisitian belief of heaven. With the wider exploration of near death experiences, both scientific and spiritual, there has come a wider acceptance that such experiences are 'real', though a generally accepted reason for such experiences remains hotly debated. A great article to read is A Scientist Discovers the Afterlife which examines a noted doctor's near death experience of the after life and his personal explainations for such an experience."

"The near death experience that I had, was a pivotal point in my life. Because of it, I never had any doubt of a very real after life, and the importance of one's "contract" and life purpose here on this earth."

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