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The London Ghost Encounter

"The majority of earth bound spirits, or ghosts, are harmless. But, there are some very disturbed spirits out there. I would not wish an encounter with an anger ghost or a spirit tainted with evil on my worse enemy. With 40 years experience in the paranormal field and as a professional psychic medium, I have had my share of spirit and ghostly encounters. I a tough, seasoned 'ghost buster' who is generally on-guard for mischievous spirits. My true ghost story took place in England, when I had a run-in with the very unpleasant London ghost who caught me by surprise ..."

"Several years ago I was visiting my daughter in England. I had looked forward to returning to England and resume site seeing, especially the historical locations. London is a very big city enveloping hundreds of square miles. There are so many places to visit and things to see. My daughter and her husband, a Brit, lived in an apartment on Tower Bridge Road. It was a lovely section of London. Unfortunately, it was not the most comfortable accommodations for me. The apartment livingroom window had a full view of the London's Tower Bridge and I slept on the pull out sofa beneath that window. London is a beautiful, historic city. It is also a city noted for it's ghosts and hauntings. I was not thrilled to have that damn bridge looming over me as I slept. It gave me the 'willies'. Each morning I was delighted that another uneventful night had passed. "

The London Ghost Story "One morning my daughter headed out for day trip to Westminster Abbey using public transit. I turned out to be a long trip. We ended up spending hours at the Abbey. We explored all the nooks and crannies. I spent a lot of time at the memorials of William Blake, Rudyard Kipling and at the effigy of Elizabeth the First. The Chapter House (the room in which Tom Hanks cracks the code in 'DaVinci Code') took a long time for me to absorb. We did not leave until the Abbey closed. "

"After a having dinner near the Abbey, it was getting late. Rather than make that long trek back to Tower Bridge Road we decided to get a hotel room for the night. Well! I was surprised to find a very clean, very modern hotel near by and checked in. Then, we walked around the city for a while soaking up more sites and returned to the hotel around 9 PM, very tired. We took showers, watched TV and went to sleep in two very large, well appointed beds (a relief from the pull out bed at the apartment). I quickly fell off to sleep and began dreaming of some of the historic figures encountered at the Abbey."

"Suddenly, a man entered my dream. It seemed like he should not be there. He came forward and asked, 'What are you doing here?' He looked like he may have been a guard or the like. But, he was dressed as if from another era. None of the guards not the guides at the Abbey were dressed like this I thought. 'I've been visiting the Abbey', I replied. 'He will take her if you do not leave now!', the guard shouted and gestured toward my daughter. I was confused. He who? Take her where? 'Who are you?', I demanded."

"I heard a voice. A real human voice. 'Mommy?' my daughter whimpered. I was awake in a flash. I stretched my arm toward her bed and yelled 'Now!'. My daughter jumped, without touching the floor, from her bed to mine. 'He wanted to take me!', she cried. What? My daughter and I were having the same dream? I felt the blood drain from my face ... my brain froze ... afraid ... confusion ... and then I felt something in the room."

"A Shadow. A Ghost. Whatever it was, it was NOT friendly. I told my daughter to stay in the bed as I got up and opened the window. 'You can NOT take her, she's mine!', I growled. 'You are DEAD and can just leave the way you came. Now!'"

"Sounds brave, right? It turned out to be one of the dumbest moves I have ever made. Whoever He was began to crash lamps, toss suitcases and break everything on the dresser. I wish I could say I was fiercely standing my ground. Truth is, I was frozen by fear in my tracks. My daughter was under the covers with the pillow over her head, screaming."

"The violent, paranormal event only lasted a few moments and then was over. I turned the lights on and looked around at the mess. My legs were trembling. 'It's gone', I said and shut the window. My daughter peeked up over the blankets and weakly joked, 'Why are you always so bossy?'"

"We got dressed. Rushed to check out and called a cab. We did not care what it was going to cost, we wanted to get back to Tower Bridge Road as fast as we could. When we arrived, I looked out the window and thought that old Tower Bridge didn't look so spooky anymore. That pull out bed wasn't as uncomfortable as I had thought. I left for New York in the morning."

"My son-in-law researched the hotel months later and found that it was built on the site of an old prison dating back to the 1200's. Many had died there. Numerous women who went to visited their husbands in that prison were never seen again. Although a prison for men only, the skeletons of women were found in the excavating. 'Oh my God!.' I gasped at this news. 'It's London', my son-in-law said, 'Everything is built over something else.'"

"My daughter and I have discussed our mutual dream that horrible night at the hotel (and the subsequent paranormal disturbance). My feeling is we had been warned and protected. Possibly we picked up a guardian spirit while touring the Abbey. Maybe we picked up some very positive energy in our travels that protected us. It is not a day and night we will ever forget."

"An old adage applies here .... 'You can't make this stuff up.'"

Our thanks to Charlotte for this ghost story contribution.

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