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Ghost Help ... The Place To Find Help With Hauntings ... Spirits ... Poltergeists ... Apparitions ... And Things Going Bump ... In the night ... Call us anytime :)


Welcome to 1800 Ghost Help ... a unique professional service established to provide 24 hour phone access to professional ghost investigators, ghost hunters, psychic mediums and experts who can help with hauntings and paranormal events.

If you feel you are having problems with (or want some answers about) hauntings, spirits, ghosts, apparitions, poltergeists, and/or other paranormal events, these experienced, professionals can help.

All you need to do is call and set up a consultation session with one of our "ghost helpers". You will receive advice, support, information, personal readings if necessary and in many cases spiritual solutions.

Feel you have a ghost in your home or a haunting is taking place? Maybe a poltergeist is causing you trouble?

Perhaps your home or place of business needs to be cleared of "negative energy" or " malevolent energy"?

Do you think the spirit of someone departed has been visiting you (or maybe you are curious if there are guardian spirits around you)?

Have you had a ghostly encounter or seen an apparition and want professional answers about this paranormal event?

Let our ghost, spirit and paranormal experts, psychic mediums and ghost investigators help. Just give us a call.

When You Need Help Dealing With Ghost - Spirits - Paranormal Events - Hauntings - Call Me Anytime


Let's be honest. Not all events claimed to be 'paranormal' or 'ghostly' turn out to be paranormal. People do sometimes fool themselves. However, there are many times when ghosts or spirits will prove to be the only explanation.
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Ghost Helper & Medium Kimberle

I Am Ready To Answer All Your Questions About Ghosts And Spirits - For Spirit Readings Call Me


Psychic medium Coffee has intentionally lived in haunted houses and apartments; camped at haunted campgrounds; vacations at haunted sites; even owned a haunted motorcycle and car. For haunting help, Coffee has the skills.
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Psychic Ghost Help With Coffee

Call Me If You Need Help With Hauntings Or Spirits - Psychic Spririt Readings Is One Of My Specialities


Do you have questions about the supernatural realm? Then, talk with Psychic Mazie. With years experience as a professional medium (someone with the ability to connect with the spirit world), Mazie can provide answers about possible spirit visitations or hauntings ...
Ghost & Haunting Help With Mazie

When You Need Expert Help With Ghost Or Spirits Give Me A Call - I Will Answer Any Ghost Questions You Have


At a young age Delia was aware she had some hidden gift. Her clairvoyance began to emerge as she began exploring divination. For over 25 years now she has been intimately aware that there is a spirit world, an afterlife, and that on rare occasions, those on the other side make contact.
Ghost Help With Psychic Delia

" All consultations and personal readings are one-on-one, private and confidential. Our ghost and spirit experts look forward to meeting you and answering all your questions. You are welcome to call anytime!"

Help With Haunted Homes Perhaps you are someone who has recently seen a ghost, or spirit, or encountered a haunting? Skeptics turned into believers due to a ghostly or paranormal encounter is far more common than most know.

Psychic Ghost And Spirit Help If you are looking for help and/or answers, and this is all a bit new to you, let us make this special offer:

A discount for first time callers. You can get a personal consultation/reading for as little as 10 dollars.

Ghost Hunter And Paranormal Specialist But, let us not stop there. We also offer a guarantee:
You are satisfied with your personal consultation or personal reading or it is free!.

Ghost Psychic And Spirit Specialist For our returning clients and callers, please make sure you ask about the frequent client special. We value your business and support and want to make sure you are rewarded for it.

Ghost Help Now If none of our listed ghost/haunting helpers are available now, visit our Instant Ghost Help directory for more professional advisors.

Just so you know: No questions are to big or too small.

Still have questions? Call toll free anytime. There is no charge to call and get questions answered about appointments, privacy, fees for services and related issues. It will always be up to you if and when you decide to obtain a personal consultation or reading.

Our select specialists work through the Psychic Selection line, in association with Psychic Source, who handle support, billing and technology... a professional group who has been helping people connect with authentic paranormal experts, psychics, astrologers and other divination specialists since 1989.

Hope to hear from you soon.
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