A True Haunting Ghost Story

A True Tale Of A Haunting

"Years ago, as a mother of two young children, I lived in a beautiful Tudor style home that had been relocated from its original site. It was a very old house filled with unusual and old world craftsmanship that isn't seen today. Everyone who visited was initially struck by its beauty, but within half an hour or so they would have to leave stating they felt very uncomfortable in this house."

"As the weeks passed after moving into our new home, my fiancée began to change into a dark, moody, and seemingly malevolent person. We all began to notice there were numerous cold spots developing through out the house. Then, locks and doors began rattling, when no one was near them. I began to sense shadow people whom I catch in my peripheral vision, and their presence brought a foreboding ... as if these ghostly spirits had nothing but evil in mind."

"Every single time I cleaned the kitchen floors the septic tank would overflow into the kitchen filling it will garbage and waste products. It was if the house resisted my attempts to energetically cleanse the kitchen of its dark energy. My 6 year old son began beating up his younger brother for no reason. My children became unmanageable. I became increasingly frightening and was unsure of what measures I was going to have to take to remove these seeming dark forces."

"Then, one afternoon I looked out at the skies from my hilltop view, and saw a dark wave of cloud-like formations rolling towards my house. I was terrified and in that moment my spirit guide burst through to me and TOLD me to move out, IMMEDIATELY ... something terrible was brewing. The negative energy and ghostly inhabitants would not leave easily nor willingly."

"I gave my landlord notice, and only then, did his daughters tell me their father could NOT keep the place rented. Misfortune after misfortune and frightening events seemed to befall anyone who rented the house. Two women were murdered by their husbands in that house, and one other woman mysteriously died. If I had not been sensitive to the energy around me, if my spirit guide had not came to me forcefully with a warning and guidance, I remain convinced that something terrible might have happened to me or my family."

"Back then, I was younger and just developing my psychic skills and professional practice. I had yet to learn how to clear a house of negative energies. Years later, I happened upon the movie 'Poltergeist' and was struck by how Hollywood had captured some to frightening act ivies of negative forces ... albeit greatly exaggerated, as is Hollywood's tendency."

"As a minister, I have now performed many house blessings and clearings. I see spirits and discarnate souls when they need to pass on a message to someone. I work with the guides and angels of others to help make a personal connection with them. I find some of most rewarding work I do in helping others to connect with their guides and angels and develop their own gifts."

Our thanks to Cassandra for her contribution to our Ghost Stories selection.

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