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A True Ghost Story By Rebecca

"I have long been aware of spirits who have yet to cross over to the other side. Earth bound spirits, often called ghosts, sometimes need help in order to complete their transition from the material world to the spiritual ... and it is a skill that I acquired early in my life, before I even began pursuing my professional career as a psychic and spirit medium. One could say it was a true ghost story which helped persuade me to explore becoming a psychic and spirit medium ..."

"Many years ago, I worked in a salon and spa where I helped clients with skin and nail care. One of my co-workers, Carol, was a hair stylist and we shared a client named Mandy. Mandy was a wonderful single mother with whom I shared one of those inexplicable connections. Everyone in the spa enjoyed Mandy. We all shared laughs, stories and had a great deal of fun. Mandy's son, Matt, often came to the spa with his mom and I grew very fond of him."

"Then came the terrible news. There had been a heavy rain storm. Mandy and a friend were driving home from an evening out shopping. The women suddenly came upon a debris in the road, tried to avoid it, and slid off a cliff. The two girlfriends died in the car wreck. Not long following the accident, Carol asked me to go with her, and, for one last time provide Mandy with our services. We would prepare her for burial. For some, this may seem unthinkable. Yet, preparing the dead for burial is in many cultures and through out history, a very important and spiritual deed. It seemed important that we, her friends, prepared Mandy for last viewing by family (and not leave the task to strangers). Mandy would surely appreciate we did this for her.

"Dutifully, Carol and I met at the mortuary. This was a first for me. I was so saddened by Mandy's untimely passing and the finality of death seemed so oppressive. Carol began fixing Mandy’s once, long bouncy blonde hair. I tried to fix and polish Mandy’s mangled nails. I began talking to Mandy. I apologized for not having all the tools I needed to give her the long and beautiful violet nails that she was always so proud to display. Then, I felt someone watching us from the side of the room. And I someone ask, What is going on, here!. It was Mandy. I could hear and see her plain as day.

"I had communed with earth bound spirits before. But this was different. It was so raw, close up and personal. I had heard stories of powerful, jolting, spirit encounters. I'd have thought I was ready for something like this. But, I was unprepared for an experienced at this level. Remember, I was a young woman myself, then, and had not yet fully embraced my gifts nor the path to being a professional medium and psychic. Mandy wasn’t completely aware of her being dead. She wanted to know why, for example, I wasn’t making her nails really long like she preferred them."

"I explained to Mandy the circumstances of her death. Mandy communicated a family member had come for her to help her with her transition, but Mandy was not prepared to leave. She was especially not ready to leave her son, Matt. I told Mandy a wonderful home awaited her. She needed to listen to the family member who had come for her. Needless to say, Carol was also shaken by these events and we all did the best thing we could ... we prayed."

"That night, I went home drained and exhausted. Yet, I still could not get to sleep. Then, suddenly, Mandy appeared sitting beside me on my bed. Mandy was beside me and I could see her as clearly as if I were looking at myself in a mirror. Mandy said she would be crossing over soon, but she wanted to first share some things about her life and about Matt. Mandy also said we would be seeing each other again, although at the time, I was a bit uncertain what that meant"

"In the years since then Mandy has indeed visited from time to time. In fact, Mandy often comes to assist me when working as a psychic medium, especially in cases when children are left behind by the sudden departure of a parent or grandparent. I am very grateful for Mandy's assistance in dealing with the spirit world. I am especially grateful that she helped push me towards discovering my gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. These gifts enable me to assist you. I feel blessed to assist loved ones on both sides of life."

Our thanks to Rebecca for providing this true ghost story.

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