A True Ghost Story From A Real Paranormal Investigation

The Ghost Mechanic And His Call

"It has been my experience that, when we start working with what some perceive as the supernatural, then it becomes natural. It may still be unexplained, but it all becomes part of our daily lives, much to the surprise and sometimes fright of others. Ghosts and spirits are long part of the Native American spirituality, something I have spent a good deal of my life studying. Ghosts can often find a way to finish what they started in life ... "

"I was living in a small, tight-knit community where everyone often worked at several professions. In town, was a small repair shop run by a man I'll call Harry. Harry had a gift with repairing things like sewing machines, vacuums, lawn mowers and those devices that make modern living what it is."

"My sewing machine was in need of repair, so, like everyone else in town, I took it to Harry's shop. I explained that my sewing machine, though old, was important to me, and could please see what he could do to repair it. Dutifully, Harry smiled and took my sewing machine to the back of his shop to see if he could save it.

"After a few weeks I began to wonder if Harry had any success restoring my sewing machine to health. He'd managed to once save my old vacuum cleaner, a miracle in itself. Then, the news came. Harry had died peacefully in his sleep. Our small community was in shock. A good, hard working (and valued) member of our town was gone. Naturally, I had no desire to disturb his relatives and friends about my silly sewing machine. Eventually, I'd get it back. What was important now was to morn the loss of our friend."

"Many attended Harry's funeral. Many of would miss him. A few days after his funeral, I noticed my cellphone blinking that a message was waiting. Odd, I thought, I never heard it ring. In my voicemail box was a message. It was from Harry saying my sewing machine was fixed. Go to the shop and pick it up. Whoa! What? A prank? What else could I do but go to Harry's shop and see what was going on."

"The door to Harry's shop was not locked. I entered and was greeted only by silence. Looking around, what do I see? My sewing machine in the corner with a hand written invoice. Can't be, I think. I pull out my cellphone and check the timestamp for when Harry called. It is dated 5 days after Harry was buried."

Our thanks to Rainbow for her contribution to our Ghost Stories selection.

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