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"My experiences and interests are very broad in the spirit field. It is inclusive of many unexplained phenomenon including ghost, spirits, the residual energy left by traumatic or intense events and even what I call 'elementals', the non-physical beings people sometimes call angels, demons, fairies and so forth. Through out history and within every culture the names change, but the underlying message stays the same: There is a spiritual, non-physical dimension that harbors spiritual, non-physical beings."

"With over forty years of experience as a clairvoyant and psychic, much of it working as a professional medium and psychic, I have seen, heard, studied and experienced much that could be called 'paranormal'. What I think might be useful to you, before I begin my ghost story is to provide some tips and information about ghosts and spirits from my perspective."

"Ghosts are a creation of the past. Their stories make for great entertainment. Just look at all the books and movies involving them. However, what is important is too remember is these paranormal events involve beings or energies with a past and usually involve holding on to the past. As with physical, living people, ghosts and spirits can hold on to intense emotions like fear, anger, pain, joy and love. This is particularly true of departed spirits. As with living people, these intense emotions are a form of energy. This energy can resonate and be experienced in a number of ways by others who are sensitive. Sometimes this energy cannot be ignored, even by those who have no particular sensitivity. Some ghosts or spirits will expend a great deal of energy NOT to be ignored. How 'residual' negative energy can impact those sensitive to such phenomenon is where my ghost story begins ... "

"Years ago, when first starting my professional career as a psychic and spirit medium, I worked with a co-op of psychics. We answered calls in one of the oldest commercial buildings in town. We psychics took turns answering the phones and contacting clients. Our phone line was a 24 hour service so it was necessary for some of us to be available through the night. This was at a time when directing calls to home phones and working from home was mostly unheard of. Even cell phones were just a novelty."

"Our business was good. We expanded and opened up a long closed room in the building for additional storage and office space. Being a 'night owl' I often accepted calls on our phone line from midnight to early in the morning. If fact, it became necessary for a number of us working as psychics, tarot readers and mediums to answer calls and respond to clients from midnight to early morning. Then, in the morning, other readers would come to work and make sure the phones were answered and our clients needs attended to. However, something strange began from the day we opened and began to occupy the new office space."

"There was a chill in the new office space despite the best efforts to warm the office. Despite the bright lighting, psychics working that office felt the room was dim and complained that somehow the room 'darkened' one's energy and outlook the longer they worked in that space. Interesting, all the psychics agreed that whatever had happened in that room, it had taken place in one particular corner. It didn't take long before all the psychics and clairvoyants knew something powerfully tragic had happened in that room. It reached a head when one of the new psychics found scratches on her neck that seem to appear from nowhere. It was decided a select group of mediums and clairvoyants would undertake the job to find out what had happened in that room. Each came back with a very similar story ... "

"It was early the early 1900's. The building we were in was owned by a prominent business man who had a son. Unfortunately, his son was 'outted' as gay. In this period of history, particularly in small towns, even being accused of being a homosexual was enough to be shunned, even tormented, by local towns people. It was too much for this young man. He hung himself in his father's building. Perhaps at the last moment he realized his error in taking his own life and crawled at the noose he'd placed around his neck. The traumatic end of this young man's life had permeated the room with a heavy vibration of sorrow and despair ... to the point of imprinting itself on the neck of one of our sensitive psychics."

"A circle was formed, hands were held, candles were lit, heads were bowed, blessings were asked for and prayers were said. It was necessary to clear the room of the residual negative energy. One could almost sense the brightening of that room as the prayers and cleansing ceremony were conclude. In no time the psychics, clairvoyants, mediums, mystical specialists and staff were back to being upbeat and as zany as usual ... in whatever room they worked."

"Naturally, someone on the staff HAD to know if this story had some basis in fact. I guess the word of several skilled mediums (and a cleansing of the room which provided a happier working environment) was just not enough 'proof' to convince them it was all 'real'. Typical. People can believe in electricity, which they cannot see nor understand, but spirituality ... somehow that just isn't real enough. Sure enough, the county records confirmed that at the turn of century a prominent publisher owned the building and his son had committed suicide in the building. We who were there could now point to the exact room, the exact spot, where the historical events took place."

"I grew up near ghosts towns amid abandoned farms. Empathic flashes of the lives who lived in these ghostly places is a part of my childhood. Encountering earth bound spirits and ghosts as a child seemed normal to me. Little did I know ... Perhaps this was just the Universe preparing me for what would become my life's work: Being a spirit medium, a psychic, who would work for years trying to understand spirits, ghosts, contacting departed souls and providing spiritual guidance and answers for others."

"If some ghostly encounter or haunting is bothering you, I'd love to provide professional help and guidance. First, we will need to determine what kind of spirit, non-physical being or paranormal event you have experienced. I am familiar with a number of different practices and shamanistic techniques for dealing with ghosts, spirits and different kinds of seemingly paranormal energy. Contacting a spirit directly is always a possibility. Try to gather your thoughts and write down your questions before calling. We will be able to get more accomplished, quicker, if you do this before you call. You can reach me at the number below. I look forward to meeting you."

Our thanks to Yvana for her contribution to our Ghost Stories selection.

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