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"Ghosts, spirits and angels ... few people stop to ponder the mysterious role in our lives. Could the spirits have plans within plans? Is the appearance of a ghost or ghosts not random? But, perhaps, servers purposes we do not fully understand? People tend to be frightened by ALL ghosts or spirits but most ghosts are really harmless. And, maybe they appear to us for a purpose ... "

"I reside in Texas and have most of my life. Growing up, I use to ride the bus to high school which I had to catch very early in the morning. Along the school bus route was an large, old, home called The Patio Inn. On the front porch would always be what I can only describe as a VERY old man and woman, both sitting and rocking in old rocking chairs, a serene smile on each of their faces. One window was dimly lit by electric candle light. Every time the bus rolled by, they would be there. I asked my Aunt if she knew who the old folks were that lived at the Old Patio Inn. She grinned and said, yes, she sure did."

"It was October. I convinced my Aunt and two cousins we should stop by the Old Patio Inn on Halloween. We arrived at the house and there they were the old couple were to greet us, smiling and rocking away. As we approached them, I began to sense something strange. The couple didn't seem to aware of us being there. If You Have Questions About Love Or Life Or The Afterlife - Give Me A Call I reached to touch one of them and my hand went straight through, like touching air. My Aunt began to laugh. Seems my Aunt had a touch of the clairvoyant gift herself. No, she and my cousins could not see the couple. But, my Aunt knew they were there. I can only imagine, at this point, my cousins were either scared out of their minds, or thought my Aunt and I crazy, or both.

"My Aunt explained that what I was seeing an old couple, in their late 70's. They were brother and sister and always lived at the Patio Inn. They'd died years ago of the blue bonnet plaque and their spirits were deeply attached to that house, that porch. You could say this was the beginning of my education as a spirit medium. A shocking one, at that. All these years later, every time I pass that old house, they are still there. However, the roll they would play in my life does not end there ... but before we get to that ... let's move forward a number of years ... "

"On afternoon, looking at my kitchen, I decide it needs a new look. The kitchen is long and narrow and what would work perfect is a small, narrow kitchen table and chairs. I also wanted something antique looking. So, I decided to hit the road and go 'antiquing'. I ended up at a nice antique shop in Mineola, Texas. It just seemed the perfect place to find what I was looking for. Drawn towards the back of the shop, I notice a very interest display. An antique table with chair occupied by a man and woman dressed like prairie folks who would be right at home with dirt floors. I call the sales woman over and tell her that is the most clever display I've ever seen.
The sales woman smiles and says, 'Which display?'.
'This one', I say, 'with two folks sitting at the table drinking coffee dressed in 1800's garb!'
The sales looks at the table and chairs, then back at me. She has a blank stare on here face.
'Ah, oh', I think, 'This could be awkward'. I reach out to confirm my fears, and, yup, my hand passes straight through the man sitting at the table."

"Now, a strange paradox of life is this: I am a professional psychic medium with life long knowledge of the mystical arts and the so-called paranormal. People come to me for spirit readings and an understanding of the afterlife. Yet, let me have one little, paranormal moment in public and people move away from me rather quickly. So it was that day in the antique shop."

"Now, let us pull the circle closed. Like everyone else, sometimes I get caught in the barbwire of life. Times turn difficult. When I am troubled about a situation or needing something, I will have a dream with either The Patio Inn folks in it or the Antique Shop folks. Within 2 days after my 'Ghosts' appear in my dreams, the barbed wire turns to fine golden thread. Situations untangle. My needs are met. Having had my own direct experiences, as well and years of professional readings for others, often I feel am living proof that Angels and kind spirits do appear to truly bring tidings of great joy and information in various ways. Perhaps if we viewed the appearance of ghosts, spirits or angels as a rare, unique part of Life rather than an a fearful, abnormal, 'paranormal' event then, we might discover something spiritually important. Maybe such appearances are not random nor ill planned, but part of a larger plan as yet not fully appreciated. It's worth considering."

Psychic Stella, is a masterful tarot reader and psychic medium. She also enjoys assisting with ghost questions, hauntings or the appearance of spirits. You will also find Stella listed at the Psychics Directory. Below you will find contact information if you wish to contact her. Our thanks to Stella for her contribution to our Ghost Stories selection.

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