The Smoking Ghost Comes To Visit

The Smoking Ghost Comes To Visit

"A visit by a ghost is not that uncommon. Ghosts can sometimes be frightening, sometimes they can be pranksters and sometimes they can just be annoying. For some reason, this particular ghostly visit was one of my more memorable ones ..."

" I was doing a reading for a really woman whom I'll call Jenny. Jenny was upset over losing her husband. As I was talking with her I kept seeing an image of a penny going up a wall. I kept trying to ignore it because this image was familiar. It was a scene from the movie 'Ghost'. In the scene, a husband, who had passed on, was trying to communicate with his wife. Moving a penny up a wall is how his ghost was trying to get his wife's attention. Finally, after the third time this image forcefully came to me, I asked Jenny, 'I don't know why, but I keep seeing a penny going up a wall like in the movie Ghost.'"

"At first Jenny looked shocked. Then, she was positively giddy. 'That's the signal my husband and I agreed to use if either of us passed on and the other visited a psychic!'. Turns out, Jenny and her husband loved the movie 'Ghost'. If You Have Questions About Love Or Life Or The Afterlife - Give Me A Call So much so that now life was obviously imitating movies. The reading went very well after that point. Towards the end of the psychic reading, Jenny wanted me to ask her husband if he regretted not quitting smoking (as it lead to his early departure). 'No!' was his reply. 'Figures', said Jenny, he was so lovable, but always so stubborn'. I felt comfortable telling Jenny I was and ex-smoker. My husband quit and insisted I quit also. I was glad I did as it was a terrible habit.

"The next day, my husband accused me of falling off the wagon. He smelled the cigarette smoke in the dining room. I insisted I had not begun smoking again. The day after that, I came home and I could smell the cigarette smoke. 'Ah, ah!', I thought. 'It's my husband who's started smoking!'. I confronted my husband and he insisted he was not smoking again, either. For the next several days, both my husband and I gave grumbled at each other and gave each other sideways looks. We both could smell the cigarette smoke and knew it was the other who was hiding the truth"

"After about a week of this smoking debate, I come home in early in the afternoon. Upon entering the dining room, what do I see? Jenny's husband sitting at the dining room table smoking away. I was furious. You are welcome to visit, I said forcefully, but you WILL smoke outside like all my guests!'. Jenny's husband may be cantankerous, stubborn and a prankster, but at least he was polite. We never had the smell of cigarette smoke again in our home."

Psychic Aian Jean is a psychic medium and spiritual advisor and helps with ghost and haunting issues. She is also noted as a psychic finder. Our thanks to Aian Jean for her contribution to our Ghost Stories selection.

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