Native American Ghost Encounter By Psychic Medium Sophia

Native American Ghost Who Came To Help

"As an ordained Spiritualist Minister and professional psychic medium, ghosts and spirits are to me as natural as trees, water and blue sky. I understand for many other people, encounters with ghosts and spirits can be a scary event. It might help to consider that often ghosts can often be helpful spirits ... such as my true encounter with a helpful Native American ghost ... "

"My daughter was working as a manager at a Restaurant/Lounge near the Taos Ski Valley. One night on her way home, she swerved on the curved highway to avoid what she perceived as a dog on the road. Her car went air-born and landed in a gully between three trees. Amazingly, she somehow got out of the flattened, inverted vehicle relatively unhurt. She was able to contact a neighbor who volunteered to pick her up and take her home."

"Naturally, my daughters accident distressed me. First thing in the morning after talking with my daughter, I went to see the car. I was in disbelief my daughter was able to extract herself from such destruction and walk away from this accident with only a bruised knee. It was an extraordinary blessing. As I was standing there I felt a presence. Then came a distinct message. An elder from the nearby Native Pueblo had helped her out of the car."

"You could say I was 'haunted' for days about both the presence I'd felt and the message I'd received. I was also filled with gratitude my daughter had returned home safely. It turns out that directly across from the place where my daughter had her accident were the Native American lands of the Pueblo. I decided to pay the Pueblo a visit. I met with some of the tribe's elders and we offered prayers of thanks for my daughters safe return."

" A friend of mine met me when I visited the Pueblo and, without my knowledge, had taken several photographs. When he got the pictures developed, one photo stood out. In that photo was the image of an elder grandmother spirit I was sure I had sensed. I took the photo to one of the elder medicine men of the Pueblo who quickly confirmed this was a an elder spirit with whom he was familiar."

Psychic Sophia, is an ordained Spiritualist Minister who has also had the privilege of working with several noted Native American teachers. She also enjoys assisting with ghost questions, hauntings or the appearance of spirits. Sophia listed at the Psychics Directory. Below you will find contact information if you wish to contact her. Our thanks to Sophia for her contribution to our Ghost Stories selection.

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