A Ghost Says Thanks - A True Ghost Story From Psychic Shelby

A Ghost Says Thanks From Psychic Shelby

"I am a professional tarot reader and clairaudient, meaning I often 'hear' what I can only describe as messages and impressions from spirits and about people. I have dedicated my psychic abilities towards the reading of the tarot. Other psychics, like the ones indexed here at 1800ghosthelp.com dedicate themselves to refining psychic mediumship. It is a matter where your passion and gifts direct you to go.

Naturally, in this profession, you hear about and explore many paranormal and mystical events, including spirit visitations and ghosts. I am, perhaps, like many of you: I find uninvited ghostly visitations a bit disturbing. Hearing from spirits with messages or providing impressions is something I have grown comfortable with. Discussing ghosts and spirits in an objective manner is actually fun and interesting. However, for me, it is another thing when you are involved in an unexpected ghostly visitation. Like my own true ghost story ... "

"In the summer of 1995, my soon-to-be-husband Scott and I were returning home from a friends house very late, around 1:30 AM. We'd taken sperate cars to our friends party, so I was following Scott down a normally busy highway. Suddenly, up ahead, there were clothes scattered all across the road. Scott slowed, me right behind, as we came upon an SUV that apparently had rolled over at high speed. Though it appeared all the windows on the crashed SUV appeared open, they had actually all been smashed out. We carefully pulled to the side of the road. Scott got out and checked the damaged SUV. There was no one inside. Then, Scott spotted someone down the ditch and sprinted to the side of an injured young man. As Scott carefully rolled him over carefully the young man seemed to wake up, become agitated and began screaming, Where is Nikki? ... Where is she?. Scott bound out of the ditch and yelled for me to go get help. I carefully got back on the highway and raced to the nearest 24 hour market to call 911."

If You Have Questions About Love Or Life Or The Afterlife - Give Me A Call "When I returned to the scene of the accident the emergency vehicles were there. Nikki did not survive. She had crashed through the windshield and died on the pavement. I watched in shock as they loaded her body into the ambulance and it slowly drove away, not in a hurry to get her anywhere. We resumed our drive home. Scott and I were both sad and shaken. We thought that was the end of a tragic event. But it wasn't."

"The following October Scott and I were happily married. We had planned a quick honeymoon trip to the Oregon Coast, staying at a nice, romantic hotel. Our drive to and down the coast was wonderful. Of course, our first night at the hotel we stayed up quite late, into the early morning, before finally going to sleep. No sooner was I asleep when I was shocked awake by Scott yelling. He was sitting up in bed obviously very scared. What's wrong!, I asked. Bad dream ... really bad dream was all he would say. I took him at his word and rolled over and was quickly asleep.

"The following morning I woke up to Scott packing our bags and insisting we had to leave. We had to go to the next town up the coast and get another hotel room. Scott was obviously not happy. Rather than argue, I cheerfully said OK. We checked out and were quickly on the road. As we drove I began to gentle probe as to why we were suddenly on our way to another hotel, in another town, no less. Finally, Scott came out with what was disturbing him: After I had fallen asleep, he had been laying there relaxing into sleep when he realized there was someone at the foot of the bed. It was a woman with her face badly injured. So badly injured that he could see her face. She was wearing a jersey with the number 24 on it. He wanted to wake me. But, he realized he couldn't move. He felt paralyzed. He couldn't reach over to wake me. He could not turn away from the figure at the foot of the bed. Scott began to struggle, to force himself to get up. As he began to force himself up, he yelled in his mind. Suddenly, he was sitting upright, yelling. When I had ask him what was wrong he just said it was a bad dream. If he could have had his way, Scott would have left the hotel that instant. But, he felt it was unfair to have me upset on our honeymoon. Scott also knew that if he had told me the whole story, I would have insisted on leaving in the middle of the night, too. Scott also said something else. He said he thought he knew who the woman was. It was Nikki from the car accident we had come across month's before."

"This is what I have been able to piece together: On the night we came upon that crashed SUV, the accident had occurred an hour before we arrived. People kept driving past the accident without stopping to help. That dark, late night, we were the first to stop and help. Nikki and her boyfriend had been drinking and fooling around as they drove down the highway. Her boyfriend lost control of the SUV and rolled it over. Nikki was thrown through the windshield and died almost instantly. She was 19 and an all star. A gifted college softball player. Nikki's softball jersey number was 24. In ghost lore, it is not uncommon for ghosts to appear just as they physically appeared in the moments before they depart. It is possible Nikki had no intention of frightening us. Scott and I have decided Nikki just visited to say thanks and good-bye."

Psychic Shelby is a very talented, not to mention accurate, Tarot reader who specializes in readings about love, career and likely future possibilites. Our thanks to Shelby for her contribution to our Ghost Stories selection.

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