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Encounter With The Ghost Hostess

"As an experienced clairvoyant, ghosts rarely bother me. Often, however, when ghosts are present, my arrival seems to make them more active, which others can find a bit disturbing. Many times ghosts and spirits are perfectly content to remain where they find themselves in spiritual form. They may not even consider themselves 'haunting' a location. And, not all ghosts are mean, malcontents or scary in any way. Such as in my true ghostly encounter story ... "

"My husband and I traveled to England for an extended visit. We were thrilled we could stay with a dear friend in a cottage in a small town. Soon as we arrived at the cottage I could feel the presence of a spirit. I 'knew' a spirit was there. Even the air pressure seemed to change when you entered the home, and especially so when you would go up stairs. Nevertheless, I was unconcerned. I felt the presence to be kind."

"I asked my friend if she knew there was a ghost in her home. She replied that there had been some ghostly events in and around the cottage. In fact, there had been a number of reports of a ghost, a lady in an apron, who had appeared in many homes through out the town. As the days pasted, this spirit began to become more active. My friend even commented that, since my arrival, ghostly events were happening more frequently. None of us were particularly disturbed by these events. We were more amused, actually."

"Near the end of our visit, my friend had to leave for a day or so to tend to a sick friend, which meant my husband and I would have the cottage all to ourselves. That night, my husband and I went to bed, but I could not sleep. I decided a late night cup of tea would help and headed downstairs. As I entered the kitchen I noticed the oddest thing: A cup and spoon had been neatly laid out. Then I saw the kettle had been switched on. I could hear my husband snoring upstairs, so it could not have been him. Just as the kettle began to whistle I saw the form of a woman in an apron floating slightly above the floor. Her presence felt kind, loving, and I sensed she was smiling at me. 'Thank you for starting the kettle', I said to her as she drifted by. And, just as quickly as she had appeared the Lady In The Apron evaporated. I drank my tea and went to bed and slept very well that night."

"When my friend returned I told her of my ghostly encounter. She said that was typical of what others in the village had experienced. 'The Lady In The Apron must have really liked you to actually prepare you tea', my friend teased. I said it must be nice to have a ghost hostess to attend her guests."

Psychic Summer, is a clairvoyant, clairaudient tarot reader with a loyal cliental. She is also adept at pet readings. Below you will find contact information if you wish to contact her. Our thanks to Summer for her contribution to our Ghost Stories selection.

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